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    Cadillac ATS Forum, Cadillac ATS-V Forum Um, yeah.

    OK, let's cut through all of the bull. Obviously, the engine in our ATS-V isn't living up to its full capabilities. We should be trouncing M series and AMG series cars all friggin' day. Hell, we should be hanging tight with the CTS-V since we're lighter.... Options are limited since losing...
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    Cadillac ATS-V Forum Not a CUE fan...

    When I first paired my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to CUE, I was able to play media audio through it via Bluetooth without any issues. Next thing I know, I'm having trouble getting the Note 3 to be recognized by the CUE as a Bluetooth media option. I unpaired, re-paired and eventually got it to...
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    Cadillac ATS-V Forum New Guy

    Hello all. I have a 2016 ATS-V Coupe Auto Crystal White Tri-coat with all options other than the Track package. Looking forward to learning more about my car and helping in any way that I am able!